What happens when you “leave your body”?

Chapter 96

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4.8.2020 3:06pm Wednesday

1. Angels are messengers of God. They are 100% soul. They have never incarnated on earth or in any 3D environment. So their souls have never been tested by the daily onslaught that all of you endure. They minister to those in all dimensions.

2. Many souls leave the earthly realm and are angelic like. They aren’t higher or lower than an angel. It’s just that their experience is different. Like the earth, job experience equals job opportunities. So, your job opportunities in the spirit realm will match up with your experiences. If you worked with drug addicts on earth, you may have a behind the scenes opportunity to help drug addicts. Likewise, if you have worked within education, banking, or commerce on earth, you would have opportunities in those areas, but in new ways.

3. Of course, if you were a truck driver on earth and had grown tired of it, you can definitely switch to something else. Souls that had been on earth tend to specialize in the spirit realm. Angels are more versatile. They are jacks of all trades.

4. I speak of this today because so many want to know what happens when they die. We prefer to say, “leave their body”. Because there really is no such thing as death. Everyone knows what it is like here. But that part of your memory was temporarily erased when you incarnated. Otherwise, your memories would make it hard to have a point of focus, such as a human body and a human life.

5. You can think of it this way. Your soul is like an Olympic weightlifter. That’s your strong suit. Angels are like butterflies. They aren’t interested in nor designed for weightlifting.

End Time: 3:33pm 4.8.2020