Do you assume everyone needs your indiscriminate blessing?

Chapter 187

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8:9:2020 8:36pm Sunday

1. The original plan’s allowance of suffering for resisting characters is not very effective anymore. As it turns out, humans are really good at suffering. They tolerate it well and many have turned it into an identity. It’s the cross they carry around. Some think God made them suffer because they are sinners. Somehow, they deserve it.

2. This is why the plan involving each of you is so crucial. You have left the world of suffering and can demonstrate what living in love is like. You each know the world of suffering well, and you made a conscious choice to leave it behind when you discovered that there was an alternative in place.

3. We discussed earlier in this text that you each have the power to prevent harmful and even disastrous events, merely with your presence. If consequential things are in the works or are already in place, it is the magic of the miracle that is needed most. Accept the situation as it appears to be. Remember, nothing is wrong. What we need are miracles to bring acceptance, awareness of separate human thinking, and to shorten suffering.

4. This is why we have focused so strongly on indiscriminate blessing. Just assume that everyone needs it because you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. It will only be rarely that you know any specifics.

5. This is your work. This is your calling. This is your ministry. You are a mature soul from God, sent to provide miracles to other parts of God.

6. There is nothing more amazing than this. This is the whipped cream on top of the extra-large sundae.

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