Are you raising children with love in the truth of their being?

Chapter 140

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7:6:2020 2:55pm Monday

1. How do you raise children in the truth of their being? Start off by always letting them know that they are loved no matter what they may or may not do. Teach them that their form is part of who they are in this world but only a small part. Teach them what they are and where they really came from. Teach them the real purpose in life, which is to be and extend love into the world. Teach them that their bodies do not define them and cannot really contain them. They are free to like what they like, dress as they please, and express their love and creativity as openly as they allow themselves. Teach them that no one can control or stifle their free expression. Teach them about their souls and the power that they generate. Teach them that they are free and that this is the only thing that is asked of them: to show others what freedom and love look like. Teach them about honoring others through forgiveness. Teach them about sharing and giving.

2. These are the ingredients to a long and healthy life as Christ, joyful and abundant.

3. May this be the norm, rather than the exception, on the new earth.

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