Do you see, acknowledge, accept, and love what stands before you, warts and all?

Chapter 136

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7:4:2020 11:21am Sunday

1. You are a vessel for the divine spirit now, not a slave to the brain’s thoughts about everything. This is a monumental change in purpose, one that is nothing short of revolutionary. The brain tells you that maybe you can be elected into political office one day. Your divine spirit informs you that you are already queen of the galaxies. There is nothing else to want or aspire to, but there is work to do here, in this very imperfectly perfect world that we all created together, a world that asks to be understood and accepted as it is, not as you wish it was. Transformation does not come from refusing to see and acknowledge what stands before you. Transformation comes from accepting and loving what stands before you, warts and all. This is the power of love.

2. It is said here that there are people that “only a mother can love”. We say that everyone can be loved equally by everyone, unconditionally. Any questions?

End Time: 11:37am 7:5:2020