Are you willing to mature and return to the fold?

Chapter 116

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6:18:2020 3:01pm Thursday

1. We will help you to see the errors of your ways and begin the path to atonement if you have not already done so, or have gotten stuck in bushes with thorny elements. Life can be like that. Sometimes it seems like there is a trap around every corner, one you didn’t see coming.

2. We so desperately want to see God’s offspring return to the fold, and bring their human bodies and little identities with them. Now, that will be a sight to behold.

3. Each microdroplet came from God so when it matures and returns to the father/mother, it will be like an adult child coming home again.

4. One day your soul will have children and you will enjoy the experience of watching them change and grow, finally returning to you in the end. Then and only then will you know what it will be like to come full circle and to know everything from the perspective of both fear and of love. This is how love is strengthened.

5. Bless you for your diligence.

End Time: 3:19pm 6:18:2020