Do you see yourself in everyone you meet?

Chapter 107

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6:10:2020 10:00am Wednesday

1. Begin again. Let yesterday stay in yesterday. See yourself in everyone you meet. See yourself in those who smile and who are friendly, and those who snarl and are angry. Are you always smiling and friendly? Show the best version of yourself as often as you can. Know that others may not see themselves in you. It’s not their time yet. They will. They will.

2. Seeing through all of the myriad of masks into the vast sea of oneness is the only hope here. There is only one of us here. It is time to start acting like it.

3. If someone harms you, turn the other cheek and walk away. Let things go and let us create corrective opportunities in your sister or brother. They are part of us. Correction, true spiritual correction, can’t come if your judgment has attached itself to the situation. Otherwise, correction would come to both of you, when it may only be needed in one of you.

4. Walk the earth with us. This is what is known as unity. You aren’t really this kind of person, that kind of person, a member of this group or that group. You are an aspect of the oneself, of God, the source of all. The same exact thing is true of everyone and everything. We are all works in progress and are at different stages of development.

5. Don’t point your finger at anyone and blame them for something, that if you haven’t also done the same thing, you’ve at least spoken or thought about it. Be honest in all things.

6. We have your back.

End Time: 10:28am 6:10:2020