Are you willing to love your brother exactly as he is right now?

Chapter 108

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6:10:2020 2:03pm Wednesday

1. All of the human aspects on the earth at this time are being recalled. Called again to return home to the oneness and to leave their human ideas behind. Human perception has blinded you to the truth of not only your own being but everyone else’s as well. Everyone’s truth is the same truth. There aren’t separate versions of it.

2. Justice or judgment is in the eye of the beholder here on your planet. In the Kingdom, all aspects of God see clearly and see everything the same way. This is what has to change if your species is to survive. You must have your true vision restored and have your blinders taken off. Are you willing “to go there”? That is the price of admission, a little willingness.

3. If only the “evil other” would change and be less evil, then maybe, just maybe, you might embrace him. I tell you now with compete certainty that you must love your brother without him doing anything to deserve it. He cannot change until you love him first. 

4. Your society will never run out of jail cells to imprison those you deem to be unlovable. Your judgment casts out but love brings everyone and everything into the embrace. When will you finally see that love is the only answer?

5. Waiting for your return …

End Time: 2:24pm 6:10:2020